The “Dry Hair Solution”

Okay y’all! so after using this line on my friend and my daughter I decided to give this line a try since I was experiencing dry hair and itchy scalp during my pregnancy.

Fortify’d Naturals advertises their products as being the “Dry Hair Solution” – and to be honest I might have to give that to them.

My hair is typically healthy but if you’ve ever been pregnant you know that nothing that was still is while your carrying another human in your womb. My hair type is a 3c, I have almost waist length hair, the front of my hair is chemically processed – I bleach and use vegan semi-permanent hair colors OFTEN and, my porosity is medium.

I use a hooded steamer to generate heat and open my cuticles for the deep conditioner to penetrate the strand. I did not have to use heat for my hair to absorb the Growth Enhancing Moisture Therapy, after questioning the maker of this line and asking what is the best method of use – she gave me a scientific explanation which I will not repeat because I will get it wrong but, basically sis said there wasn’t any need for heat and that the products will penetrate the strand, oookkkuuurrr! lol But, yeah, back to why I use a steamer – The reason I use a steamer is because, I noticed that my curls get tighter during humid days and with the steam from the shower . So after seeing that happen, I decided to purchase a steamer – my curls have been BOMB ever since!

Anyway chile, Let me get into this review or whatevas …


1. I started off by using the Rhassoul Clay as a hair and face mask. I mixed the clay with Aloe Vera juice from an aloe leaf. I left the mask on for 20 minutes.

  • Aloe Vera juice is great for moisture, shine and reconstructing damaged hair. Exactly what I achieved by pairing it with the clay.
Moroccan Rhassoul Clay
Rhassoul Clay $12.99

2. I then cleansed my hair with the Sage Infused Black soap to thoroughly remove all of the clay from my scalp and strands.

This shampoo does not strip the hair but lathers really well, leaving the hair feeling super soft and silky.

Sage Infused Black Soap Shampoo
Sage Infused Black Soap Shampoo $13.99

2. I followed up with the Growth Enhancing Moisture Therapy – I left it in for about 20 min and rinsed it out completely with cold water. (You should always try to rinse the hair with cold water as it closes the cuticle and increases shine.)

Growth Enhancing Moisture Therapy
Growth Enhancing Moisture Therapy $17.99
Reconstructing Deep Conditioner
Strengthen and Repair Reconstructing Deep Conditioner $17.99

( I didn’t have to use the deep conditioner this time but I have used it on my daughter whose hair is EXTREMELY dry, and this deep conditioner is the BOMB! This deep conditioner’s key ingredient is – Baobab protein which is a natural alternative to silicones.)

This deep conditioner is specifically formulated to repair and strengthen dry, damaged hair. It also decreases the occurrence of Dandruff, Psoriasis, and Folliculitis.

3. After using the Growth Enhancing Therapy I styled using the Leave-in conditioner and the Intense Hydrating Potion (a little goes a long way for ALL textures)

Products work a lot better in the hair when it is soaking wet, so I re-wet my hair with some H20.

The leave-in conditioner provides amazing slip. Its key ingredient is Tea Tree essential oil. The Hydrating Potion is exactly what it says it is “the LOC method in a bottle” while still leaving your hair feeling light and curls pillow soft. The key ingredient in this product is Organic Shea Butter – which softens and restores damaged, brittle hair.

Hydrating Styling Duo
Hydrating Styling Duo $32.98


I raked the styling products with my hands and brushed it thru using a brush for even distribution after spraying hair with water. I allowed the products to sit in my hair for about 15 minutes prior to diffusing – waiting a little while before diffusing lessens the chance of getting frizz.

I diffused using the Conair 1875 blow dryer on low with the diffuser attachment. 


GIRL!! Talk about INSTANT hydration! I was definitely blown away by these products and by how well they worked together in my hair. I was not expecting to enjoy this ENTIRE line of products as much as I did. The definition was A1. My curls were defined from root to tip and pillow soft! I had ZERO frizz!

The formulas are so lightweight, but so effective. The leave-in conditioner is really light, but can definitely be used alone. The hair potion is a little thicker, something like lotion but was not oily and did not weigh the hair down at all. I had A LOT of clumping, which I love.

I rocked this wash-n-go for about 3 days – I’m sure I could have rocked it a little longer if I would have continued to wear my netted bonnet and slept on my satin pillow case. ❤️


It took me about 20 minutes to diffuse and completely dry my hair. Prior to diffusing I did notice that my hair soaked up the product quickly.


The products have a lite almond scent, nothing too strong.


I used a hair net for my curls and slept on my satin pillowcase

So that’s it y’all, I hope y’all found this review enlightening, educating and fun to read! Make sure to like this post if you enjoyed it, share it with a friend who would like to read this post and please follow my blog to stay in the know of when I make a new post. 🤗

— Bella 🖤