Never Be Stationary Again!

Thermal Hair Care’s “Hot Head microwavable deep conditioning heat cap”

Remember when deep conditioning was an all day thing? A task that would require you to be stationary, in your living room or in an uncomfortable chair, or in a salon longer than you have to be? Lets take it back a little to when you had to microwave towels or boil them in hot water to later wrap them around your head on top of a plastic cap. SMH hot mess! an effective mess but, it was definitely a mission!

I never realized how time-consuming it was to deep condition until I became a mom. I have 2 girls with waist-length type 3 and 4 hair. Guess what!? little girls DO NOT like hooded dryers. My 8-year-old absolutely hates them and my 13-year-old does too.

Curly hair needs to be deep-conditioned and I have to make it so that my daughters and I can deep condition and be comfortable and mobile. Thankfully I stumbled across this dope invention created by a mom just like me who had similar issues. Who would have thought that a day to day method used in salons would later trigger a mom to come up with a way to make deep conditioning mobile!?

SHOUT OUT TO the lovely Sandra Snell for coming thru with this Hot Head!

The Hot Head costs $29.95 and $27.95 for Little Hot Heads (for the kiddies) – not bad right? The freedom of deep conditioning and being mobile is PRICELESS! Plastic caps are available for $3.25 for a pack of 10. The quality of the plastic caps are pretty decent – I am actually able to rinse out the caps and reuse them.

“Comic Hot Head” $29.95 –

Product description

  • this heat cap is reusable and reversible
  • available in multiple colors and styles
  • super easy to use
  • works well with ALL hair types and textures
  • hot enough for you to deep condition for up to 45 min.
  • kid-friendly

How to use:

STEP 1 So, after washing, conditioning and applying your deep conditioner of choice – make sure to put on a plastic cap to trap in heat from your scalp.

STEP 2 You want to then take your hot head and put it in the microwave on the glass plate and heat for 3 intervals of 30-45 seconds on each side.

You should leave the plastic cap on while having your hot head on as well – the hot head allows for you to be able to deep condition for 20-45 minutes if you wish to deep condition longer all you have to do is pop the Hot Head in the microwave and reheat as you did. After you’ve deep conditioned for the desired time remove the hot head.

STEP 3 Let the hair cool down for about 5 minutes, rinse with cold water to seal cuticles, increase shine and then style as usual.

Ways I use my Hot Head

  • for deep conditioning of course
  • hot oil treatments, after applying the hot oils I will put on a plastic cap and put my hot head on for 20 minutes

My thoughts

This cap is HEAVEN SENT! My girls love it! no burning of the ears, no uncomfortable chairs, they get to play and watch tv. I get to cook, clean, tend to my baby… it’s just great. I love that it is cordless, batteryless and that all you need is the microwave. I would definitely recommend this cap to anyone who is all about maintaining healthy hair, a busy mom or person and anyone with children.

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Happy Conditioning! ✨🧖🏽‍♀️✨

— Bella 🖤